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Entry #2

Adobe Flash CS4

2008-10-19 21:22:58 by slaXor

I remember the olden days when Macromedia Flash 4 was the shit. Man, things change.

Oh well. CS4. I absolutely love the new layout. Everything works a whole lot better and doesn't get cluttered. I'm filled with joy (and possibly some kind of warm red substance).

Time to get Flashin' again, I say. Been a while since I did anything decent so... uh, well, I never did do anything decent, did I?
Hm. Oh well. Never too late to get good, right?

Time to do stuff.

Adobe Flash CS4


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2008-10-19 21:28:34

Im glad youre happy


2008-10-19 23:09:39

I don't get how people can make great flashes. Whenever I try, it takes too long so I give up and make a spam flash instead. Good luck on trying to make something decent.

slaXor responds:

Starting and finishing a project is a lot of work, obviously, but in the end you'll be rewarded with all kinds of fun emotions... and stuff.